In the last post we talked about the assets management and it’s important role to the preventive maintenance of any organization. you can view it here !

here In this one, We will show some tips of how to create your own asset management plan?

Asset management plan in Egypt

Creating an asset management plan to achieve the asset management objectives is too important and crucial. So the question now! Where can we start from?
You have three steps you can follow to make the best version of your plan:

1- Determined the goals and create a strategy

When you start determined your asset management objectives, you should make it align with the organization objectives. Try to ask yourself how asset management can provide what the organization wants to achieve.
And make sure that they are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic  and Time-bound )

You cannot perform your objectives without a strategy. At the light of that, you should find an answer for some questions like, what and where the assets? , how about their status and the remaining life span? And before all of that “what are the value of each one of them?” as what we mentioned in the last post. you can view it here !

2- Anticipate the risk

There are many actions that can happen to your assets and result a risk your whole business. The asset can fail to do its operations or fail within the levels of services. Besides that, operations cost may overtake the asset cost itself.
The first thing you should do once the operations are finished is to measure the level of risk and that, how you can arrange the priorities through assets value to the business.

3- Observe and keep an eye

It is the last step to take in the asset management creation, this step particularly is continuing along the life cycle of the assets. It helps you to observe your assets efficiency and in this point, you can make decisions to update or edit assets policies. Also, you can choose whatever invests in new assets or not.

In this point, the role of asset management software appears on the surface. It gives you a full overview of the business you own otherwise the normal , develop, grow and make an accurate decision.