Internet of Things ” IoT ” in Egypt

with the Technological innovation, everyday we figure out a new technology that makes the life more easier and more entertaining. at this point ! we will focus on how maintenance activities affected by which called” IoT ” ?

  • firstly, maybe you are now asking what is ” IoT ” refer to ?

well ! ” IoT ” is simply a shortcut of ” internet of things “. it is the capacity to exchange information over a system without need of humans or even human-to-PC connection. for example, with ” IoT ” you can switch on air conditioning before back to home or unlock the doors to your friends for Special case even when you are not at home. can you imagine that ?!!

by the way , specialists envision there will be more than 20 billion devices depending on IoT by 2020.

  • Now, lets get to the main point ! how can” IoT ” improve the maintenance management ?

as we all know, The idea behind preventive maintenance that it is a normal maintenance which only performed on equipment when it is required which mean diminishing parts and workers costs related with substitutions. but, the fundamental problem with preventive maintenance is that it can sometimes result to needless maintenance.

in contrast, ” IoT ” support maintenance system that it is more advanced, useful and suits nowadays. now ! we are talking about ” predictive maintenance ”

  • what is “predictive maintenance” ?

predictive maintenance is a system that enable you to anticipate the time of equipment failure so you can take the arrangements and stop that. in addition to, seeking to decrease maintenance activities frequency as possible.

that’s which will decrease unplanned maintenance operations and lessen spending too much money because of doing too much maintenance activities .

next post! we will We will deepen in internet of things ” IoT ” latest discovers in maintenance world focusing on “predictive maintenance ” .

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