continuing the context of internet of things ” IoT ” and it’s Impact in our world, in this post we will talk about another different technology which appear on the surface nowadays called ” machine learning “. in the light of Technological innovation, everyday computer technologies get a new feeds and updates . in this point, we will talk about which reflected on ” machine learning ” until it became totally different than before so, let’s go !

Machine learning in Egypt

firstly, we will give a brief or an introduction about what ” machine learning ” is ?

Machine learning is an one of algorithm categories which empowers the software to anticipate outcomes more realistically and Accurately. in other words, The essential idea of ” machine learning ” that it enables the advice to learn with no need to a candid programming.

referring to the artificial intelligence, experts and researchers try to know whether PCs can learn from data or not ?
so, they mentioned the iterative side in ” machine learning ” because; it is very crucial. can ” machine learning ” autonomously adjust when forms of data represent to it ?

it gains from past calculations to create dependable Conclusions and option. and that’s why we said in the beginning that it became totally different than before.

  • ” Machine learning ” examples

maybe you will get the idea more clearly when you discover some examples using ” machine learning ” :

  •  image recognize :

actually, it is the most mainstream application related by ” machine learning “! there are numerous circumstances that you can distinguish the object somehow like it is a digital image.

also! it can be used to be a ” face detection ” like what we note in Facebook with a detach category for every single person, and in the case of printed letters, you have the Ability to segment a piece of writing into smaller images.

  • Speech recognition

it is like as the interpretation of verbally expressed words into the content. in another meaning, Speech recognition is utilized in the applications like voice user interface, voice searches and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

in conclusion :  machine learning is a staggering leap forward in the field of artificial intelligence .
and it’s applications are one of the innovation styles which can enhance and rich our lives .