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Mobile App Development

IOS & Android Development

eCommerce Development

Supply Chain Management Software

Top Mobile Application Development Company in Egypt (WEB & Mobile)

IOS Development

Full item catalog control Add/Edit/Delete.full & reach products reports.

Android Development

Complete Stock Management System.rpeort for every item, report for every vendor.

Web Development

Easy and best customer order solution. user can order from the web or mobile app.


Profession Search engine optimization services.Google AdWords PPC management. 

Why Develop Your Software  with US ?

Here, Alexapps Flutter development company 14+ years of software development experience. More than 50+ mobile apps developed for many customers in Saudi Arabia and GCC therefore we are one best app development company in Egypt. additionally, we are a team of 10+ very talented web & mobile developers. furthermore, we are a legal Egyptian development company since 2008. Our Experience WEB & MOBILE APP Development.

Supply Chain Software Solutions

Trucking Logistics Software

Unlimited categories

Truck Routing Software

Logistics Tracking Software

Freight Forwarding Software

Fleet Management Software


Best Mobile App Development Company in Egypt

50+ Mobile Apps Developed

Native Development Languages

Expert eCommerce Development

High Secured Hosting Servers

Fleet management Software

Cargo Management Software

Fleet Maintenance Software

Vendor specific categories

Stock control, low stock notifications

Vendor balance reports

eCommerce Website Design Price

 of course, our big mobile apps portfolio made our company a lead mobile app development company in Egypt. truly our previous project makes us have deep experience in many business domains. in fact, our customer learns us more about any business. above we study customer requirements carefully. So that we develop successful apps.

Our Mobile Apps

Above allDownload our apps and show our quality. over 50+ mobile apps, eCommerce, education, events.  In additionwe host our apps over cloud & dedicated servers. After that, we provide fast technical support team

“Custom IOS & Android Development”

Kotlin multiplatform develop code sharing mobile apps. High performance at low cost. Very professional Mobile app development.

Perfect Technical support services.


“We Deliver Innovative eCommerce Solutions”

Give your customers what they’re asking for…

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In other wordsAlexapps a professional mobile app development company located in Egypt. Alexandria, as a result, we offer high performance native mobile app, with great user, We succeed to developed more than 50+ android & ios apps. certainly, Full technical support throws developing and after publish your mobile application.

Above all, we also registered a company in cit-fei a  Chamber of Information Technology and Communications (CIT).

We have many experiences in many technology fields.

In conclusion,over 14+ Years of Software Development Experience




Explore the Services We Offer

Firstly, IOS Development – Android Development -Ipad Development, secondly Website Design – Website Development, in addition to Augmented reality application.

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