as it’s known,
plant maintenance management software is a crucial mission in every enterprise or organization . in this post we will take a brief about plant maintenance management software and it’s types .

Plant Maintenance Management Software in Egypt

Plant Maintenance Management Software is the way to perfectly do maintenance activities, limit maintenance expenses and ameliorate operations. which aims to reduce operations failure and enhance the progress quality.

Types of Plant Maintenance Management Software :

maintenance types can be categorized into 4 grade, and we will talk about this from the oldest to the newest :

1 – corrective maintenance ( breakdown maintenance )

it’s the most primitive one because; it requires repairs after the equipment operation failure and as a result of that, equipment or asset becomes useless and cannot do any activity any more.

in this case, production division will call the maintenance division to get a solution for that. while the last one
will try take the accurate activities to stop downtime losses.
after they finish, the maintenance groups will not do any checks until another breakdowns happen.

2 – Scheduled Maintenance

It’s about a group of activities such as inspection, lubrication and servicing which repeated in a determined periods; to avoid operations failure or minimize it as much as possible.

surly, it’s more sophisticated than the corrective maintenance

3 – Preventive Maintenance 

the best quote to describe it is that ” prevention is better than cure “.
as the rest of Plant Maintenance Management Software,  it tries to avoid the errors or operations failures before it happened or to prevent any suddenly downtime.

it empowers a communications system between the expert engineering and the maintenance groups. so that, he can make a work orders and follow-up the maintenance system. beside that, it enables you to track stocks and assets management. and you have the reports that include every activity had done daily,weekly and annually

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4 – Predictive Maintenance

it’s one of ” IoT ” outcomes and it like a system with a predictive analytics.  it can determine the fault and in which time it will occur. predictive maintenance is the latest upkeep development and it will make a huge move in maintenance  world. you can deepen into it here !