Project Description



First, with a mobile application information exchange between clients and your company will become faster than ever, as there won’t be any need for tiresome calls.
This means that you’ll need fewer resources to support your call centre.
You’ll also probably need fewer insurance managers, as they’ll spend significantly less time on each client.
On the other hand, you can keep the number of managers the same but scale your business by attracting more clients.
This will become much easier as the convenience of your service will likely draw attention.

A mobile solution can also help you sell more of your services, as you can have a separate screen in your application displaying options for auto, life, and home insurance.

The most important thing is to make your mobile software really convenient.
Some companies are already trying to adopt IT, but while they have enough resources to create a health insurance app, they often lack the knowledge about mobile best practises and knowledge to do it properly.
The best way to solve this problem is to get mobile experts to make an app that will meet both your company’s and clients’ needs.

Let’s see what components you’ll need to make a great health insurance app.

about alreaaiaa app

Alreaaiaa  Is the official application of the health care card inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which enables you to get discounts in the highest and largest hospitals and medical complexes ranging from 40% to 80% in all medical fields and health care

challenge & requirement

1.our client must be interested in our application,
so we worked hard to make it user-friendly so the user can enjoy the experience using our application.

2.The vast area of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was one of the biggest obstacles. we overcome by dividing the Kingdom into four main regions with different provinces.
Not only that, but each state includes a number of health and medical centres, which are classified by medical specialitie

pain point

Here we talk about our suffering during our journey in programming the application.
simply it’s data.

This project was approved by the company despite being an existing application with many problems. After using  Flutter, the application programming was completed in a great and distinctive way.

But the problem remains the transfer of all the data of health institutions involved in the health field.

This problem has been overcome by working over the course of hours on a daily basis and over a period of more than a month through more than a data portal and with full supervision from more than one side within our company to obtain the identical results of previous data.

design flow


While it’s easy to select a set of user characteristics and call it a persona, it’s hard to create personas that are truly effective design and communication tools.

Here are a few characteristics of a good persona:
Personas reflect real user patterns, not different user roles. Personas aren’t fictional guesses at what a target user thinks. Every aspect of a persona’s description should be tied back to real data (observed and researched). Personas aren’t a reflection of roles within a system.
A persona focuses on the current state (how users interact with a product), not the future (how users will interact with a product).
A persona is context-specific (it’s focused on the behaviours and goals related to the specific domain of a product)

You can’t find a solution until you have a clear idea of what the problem is, so our main task was how we know user wants & needs in our application.
clearly, in alreaaiaaa health insurance app,
we found The category mostly seeking sustainable targeted medical care
are men and women over the age of 30 who are often targeted for regular medical care with the lowest possible cost.
The user needs summary is shown here with ease of use of the application interface and the existence of key icons that facilitate the use such
Medical Network is a network that combines all health and medical service providers
under one roof in a streamlined way to facilitate the search and access service.

2.Special offer:

Always be aware of all new offers and discounts from all hospitals, pharmacies and health clubs

we know that time is money, so we make it easy to know what  is the new offer as soon as your mobile connection with the internet you can get a notification to tell you what is our latest offer

task flow

Easily, searching for the service is the main task of the application and the programming team stops more than once.

We tried to work on more than one idea while changing the design of the search format to reach the ideal result that the users of the application have already praised.

More clearly, once you write the required search word in the medical network you find yourself in front of more than a search method to choose from what corresponds to the nature of the search process targeted
1.zones search
2.sepilization search
3.nearest place for your location
The trouble of finding the desired goal with us within the application has become the past Programming better for better service


Mobile apps have already become an important part of many industries, and we strongly believe that such a huge market as health insurance also needs to become more modern and convenient for everyone with the help of applications.

Creating a health insurance mobile app is a win-win, as it will become easier for your customers to interact with your service and your business will instantly become more competitive, as very few insurance companies actually have good mobile apps.