Project Description

bid1 e-commerce case study


bid on items!

actually, fascinating feature where sellers can receive appropriate value for their items through totally real-time competitive bidding process.



Our main challenge in this app was to make the bidding process as fast & as stable as possible when users integrate with each other in the bidding process on a specific product.

design thinking process

The application’s software interface is characterized by the ability to register in-app by entering the phone number.

Immediately, a message is sent to the user by text message containing a code confirming the identity of the user.

As usual, the software team within the company is characterized by scientific and practical thinking in finding intelligent and innovative solutions.

certainly ,the user can get multiple packages of bids through online payment.

The in-app auction process is transparent and complies with the rules and laws already incorporated in the Fair Use Policy,

which we have observed in terms of commitment to the principle of profitability for the customer with the idea, with all respect for consumer rights.

The bidding process has specific timings which are set by the responsible manager, and upon completion, the auction process is considered expired and cannot be auctioned again.


finally,We used the latest tech in this project such as Flutter in mobile development & vue.js in web development & made a lot of test cases.

to make sure that everything is stable & the user will feel safe while bidding on products that the results are accurate & legal.