Project Description

 locdoc healthcare app case study


1.locdoc is a free healthcare app that leverages you an access to high-quality medical services at your convenience and fingertips.

2.It is one of the most flexible, time-saving and convenient substitutes
that make use of your cellphone internet connection to connect you with hundreds of local doctors and book an office visit or a house call appointment within a few taps.

3.The app is quite user-friendly and you can book your appointment with easy steps.

4.All you need to do is just signup in the patient app and choose your doctor
nearby your area, select your time slot and your appointment is confirmed.

5.finally, The payment done to the doctors is highly secured and is proceeded after the appointment completion.


1.Signup With The Basic Details.

2. Login Using Email And Password.

3. Forget Password.

4. Create And Edit A Patient Profile.

5.Map Integration For The Location Purpose.

6. Showing The List Of Available Doctors To Patients As Per Selected Doctor Type, Visit Type Geographical Location.

7.Appointment Booking.

8.Acknowledgement To Patient For Appointment Booking, Cancellation, And Completion Through.

9.Ratings To Doctors.

10. View list of Booked, Canceled And Completed Appointments.



2.Pop-Up To Enable Mobile Location For An Appointment Booking.

3.Integration Of Calendar For Scheduling An Appointment.

4.Change And Update Availability Status.

5.Tracking Doctor’s Latest Location.

6.View Patient’s Medical And Pharmacy Details.

7.View List Of Scheduled Appointments With Timings.

8.Create And View Doctor’s Profile.

9.View Monthly Earnings.

10.View Ratings are given by Patients.

 challenges & how we came over them?

1. Timeslot Management:
Generally, the appointment timeslots are manually set by the doctors.
But dynamic management of the time slots by an application was one of the biggest issues faced by our
developers during the appointment booking.
It was getting difficult to fetch the available doctors based on the user and doctor location criteria and the time

Our team of expert backend developers managed to overcome this situation by application of custom logic
that helped them to fetch the available doctors as per the defined criteria.
2. Showing Address Route On Map:
If a patient demands a house call or office visit, the patient address and its location are shown in the patient’s
After accepting the request, whenever a doctor clicks on the patient’s address, an entire direction to the
patient’s addresses is supposed to be opened on another screen.
It was indeed a quite difficult and time-consuming task for our developers.
Our Android and iOS development team managed this task by integrating Google Map where they fetch
locations and draw an entire route to patient’s address through getting route() and Draw Polyline() method.

design flow

task flow

As the usual of our company in the idea that corresponds to the desire of the customer and also understands the needs of the user was the most important step within the application,so we
The registration process in a single screen, taking into account the partitioning in a way that makes the application easy to use and also fast in the execution of the processes that you are doing.
The second task is the process of matching the appointments recorded by the doctor and the dates the user is looking for by having a software feature that makes the appointments that the patient is looking for the closest to the time already specified by Dr.

3.finally, The third task is to find the nearest private doctor or doctor working within the hospital for the geographical location of the client and was overcome by determining the doctor to its actual location on the site of global maps Google, which makes the client know the site is actually looking for.


After we explained the value of the idea when combined with a team of excellent software, we find that the idea even if it was applied before but the way the program is different and the impression of satisfied customers is the best guide.

We thank you for the good reading and welcome the acceptance of constructive criticism and discussion technical and software details, whether in this application or in the overall work of Alexandria Programming Company.