Project Description

souq 24-hour case study


Few online retailers understand that slowly loading website is able to kill their business in the very beginning.
Customers hate slow sites and often approach to other market participants because of the lack of a positive user experience. According to Kissmetrics’ data, if a website needs more than 3 seconds to be loaded, 40% of visitors will go to another site right away.
That is why online stores have to be fast enough to be able to build a solid core of loyal customers.
The point is that this is one of the aspects where mobile applications have a tremendous advantage over websites, even though they are responsive. Due to the fact that the best mobile eCommerce apps have no need for the Internet connection to provide users with the basic functionality such as product comparison or checking prices, they effectively use a full-power performance of a smart device.
And the opposite, websites do need a permanent Internet connection to update any piece of their content.
However, it does not mean that the speed is not for mobile apps. They also have to be fast because the same rule is still
actual in this situation too.

about souq 24 app

The Kuwait economy is one of the strongest economies in the Arabian Gulf.

so, This is reflected in the increase in the value of the used items in general and the value of them in particular, such as real estate and cars and even the services provided by some service companies such as housekeeping and cleaning, etc.

Hence the idea of application in the collection of the consumer and service provider in one integrated application facilitates the process of selling and buying simple steps you can accomplish everything you want and the least effort and time possible.

challenge & requirement

1.information architecture is the process in which you decide what data and functionality need to be presented within our app.

2.And how that data and functionality is organized. Typically, we begin this process by writing down a list of features we want the app to perform and a list of what needs to be displayed somewhere in the app.

pain point

Our environment today follows an “I want it all now” culture, and due to the many online ordering and shopping options, we have a wide variety of choices.
Having the right logistics partner is important for our e-commerce business owner, so we take it to step by step:
.research the best companies within your region, contact them and negotiate with them, have all terms clear and set.
.just we found that overcome this pain point, approach our e-commerce app specialist, and we should be able to find solutions.

design flow

The user experience design process is an iterative method that helps us continuously improve and polish your designs.
In the process, WE go through different stages repeatedly while evaluating your designs on each stage. Each stage involves relevant stakeholders in your organization.

that take part in the process to make our products highly efficient and usable.

The design process involves the following five stages.

task flow

1. The application is the main interface for selling, buying, service delivery, job offers, and other categories wich available within the app.
2. Great care was taken of the ease of use and application of the simple user and as work within the company has been presented all views with the participation of the client until we reached the satisfactory result commended by users of the application.
3. On the other hand, buying and selling means trust between the user and the service provider, so the control panel is the main point of understanding with the desire of the customer to get the safety and simplicity in the use of employees and that all operations within the application in a systematic and monitored to the highest degree possible.
4.finally, The pre-design of the interface and internal screens of the application,
which was fully supervised within our company, led to easy access to the main idea of the application of our programming team, and this is clearly shown in the flow of icons and movement and interaction in general within souq 24.


finally, We thank you for your trustful time and hope that we have been able to reach our thoughts and ways of working for you.
Always be aware that to achieve good results you have to look for a distinguished programmer.
we not only program your application but also develop your idea to become a real investment.