.in the last post, we pointed to the the internet of things ” Iot ”  and how it Contributed to make predictive maintenance exiting in noways. you can view it here !

in this post we will deepen in predictive maintenance to get a Comprehensive vision . so, let’s begin ! :

Predictive maintenance

with predictive maintenance you can determined a periods to check the system and analysis assets health. Which leads to that, we can We decide whether the equipment need to maintenance Activities or not !

Do you seek to decrease equipment operations failure ?

refer to CMMS in Egypt: Economize your costs we talked about ITIC’s latest survey data . Which shows how an hour of downtime can cost the organizations  hundred thousands of money and resource ! in another meaning, the downtime is a crucial issue

Preventive maintenance is scheduled in time periods and it is based on maintenance plan experience. it observe the data from the sensor continuously through self-learning . so it will notify when it identify the asset conduct is abnormal.

Predictive maintenance draw in to engage the planning of therapeutic support before an issue surfaces . beside that! it can gives infrared, acoustic, video, and vibration examination.

Predictive maintenance utilize techniques that can take all the individual perspectives of an industrial facility floor, providing complete view of workflows . so that on chance that one equipment in expectation to go down, it’s easy to get the more extensive effect.

which makes predictive maintenance clearly  growing  that it enormously decreases human errors . it utilizes data science that makes everything fair by applying subjective strategies for sensor data examination.

Therefore, organizations can access automated intelligence over all levels , guaranteeing individuals who require the data remain up to date.

at the end of this post, predictive maintenance is just one of too much “internet of thing (IoT)” discovers . so when we say that IoT will change the whole world that not an Exaggerate