as we all know! assets are the core of any enterprise and there isn’t any enterprise can stay like a productive one unless its assets are in a healthy case. on the other hand, people are the the heart ! and everyone of them can makes a huge effect on the assets by him or her decision.
assets efficiency are too much affected by decision making ! so that, there should be an outline to link each other that where the upkeep policy comes in.

Upkeep maintenance management in Egypt

the upkeep policy is one of the main steps for a perfect upkeep maintenance strategy beside that, it is one of the main requirements of ISO certification. it is like the ship’s sail which determined the right way when equipment decision making. but at first you should determined a group of basics, purposes, objectives that what makes everyone confident and takes the accurate decision.

when the enterprise deal with individuals and maintenance groups and give an outline for decision-making operations ! that will make a huge difference in results and outcomes. it isn’t about giving an equipment management to the organization culture ! it provide a sign of the internship’s obligation and sustainability.

at the light of that ! to successfully manage the assets or equipment in your business you have to sit a perfect maintenance system ! that, aims to long the equipment life-cycle and maximize its value as much as possible ! we talk about a full strategy which you can upgrade, upkeep and get rid of it in the best way.

for short, upkeep maintenance management include stratify  a process that you can create and utilize to all the assets you have including physical and intangible ! at a result of that, you assets value reach its highest.

in the next post, we will highlight the benefits of upkeep maintenance policy.