• in the last post, we took a brief about the benefits that can return to your business because of the upkeep policy. you can visit it here !

upkeep policy in Egypt

in this one we will give you a steps you can walk on in your upkeep policy creation. so let’s begin!

  • brief intent

this should be the first step in the upkeep policy creation! it determines the context for the rest documents and base asset management in the whole enterprise objectives. found the purpose of the enterprise in a clear way! exploit the organization’s function statement and it’s basic values as a strength point! link the asset management to the declaration with a brief of it’s value in reaching the organization objectives.

this sections should be from one to three sentences.

  • proclaim a scope

in this section you should collect and describe assets, services and functions that what upkeep policy apply on! so that, you should take toy time and think deeply about all of that which will directly affected by the upkeep policy. go in conversations to make the members understand what they are have responsible on and its value! on the other hand, you will remove opacity.

This section should be from two to five sentences.


  • indicate the target objectives

in this one you will determined the top goals for your own asset management. in additionally ! it determines the objectives you want to reach by this upkeep policy. so that, it should explain the concept behind the policy and the goals related to it. like enhancing accountability and increasing productivity.

This section should be from three to five sentences.

  • set the asset management basics

at the light of this section, it gives a layout of the principles, activities and general rules about the assets management. it’s about the compass which take your business to the right direction and show you the you apply the asset management. also, it should contain some of examples on that.

This section should be from four to six sentences.

  • set responsibilities

this section is crucial to your policy! it determines who is responsible to each division of the policy in general, containing approval, allocation of resources, implementation, defining priorities and any other relevant high-level actions.

This section should be from two to four sentences.

  • Continual improvement

any perfect upkeep maintenance should contain the organization’s commitment to make sure about the improving of your whole business! this can give an add value and keep the strategy breathing as long as possible. and in the other hand, as our world changing and developing you should also audit your processes to match it! that where the importance of Continual improvement comes in.

This section should be from two to three sentences.

  • completeness with extra resources

when you set your last touches on the upkeep policy, add a clarifying info! this section should contain a list of administrative details and contacts. like the policy owner and the executive sponser’s signature! in addition to includes a related doc’s like health and safety policy.

  • review with stakeholders

creating up an upkeep policy is a long process and you will need to take a few drafts! it’s important to cooperate with the stakeholders from all business divisions when you creating and reviewing it! also, you can determined a sponsor who can give support and supervise the projects.
make the upkeep policy easy to understated and apply also, make it harmonious with others policies like health and safety policy. and before all of that, make sure you take your time to create,review and update.