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What will you get?

  • Professional Project Plan including a cost estimate and a Product Roadmap
  • Web & Mobile Documentation of Your Mobile app project & Technical Requirements
  • Original source Code & Design Files
  • 13 + years experience , 15 + full time developers
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البريد الالكتروني : [email protected]

الواتساب / الجوال :  00201110011350

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Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

افضل شركة برمجة تطبيقات في مصر
Where your company Head Location ?

Alexapps located in Egypt , Alexandria

When Alexapps started ?

Alexapps start his services since 2008, we start with desktop application in traditional sectors like pos , hr and ERP and since 2012 we switching for mobile & web development

What is alexapps team size ?

We are a big team with 15+ software engineers working in Front-end development with react.js and Back-end development with Node.js and mobile app development with Flutter.

Where are you host your Mobile apps ?

We host our mobile & web apps at Contabo hosting cloud provider

Do you work before in Saudi Arabia ?

Yes a lot, we start working with the Saudi Arabia market in 20120 until now and we help many startups to goto the market fast with the power of our leaver software engineers.

How I can Monitor your progress ?

You can track your project development progress in many ways, first, you will receive every 2 weeks a sprint from your app, and also you can track our Jira dashboard and GitLab.

What do I need first?

You should first write your idea in clear language and preferred to diagram a mind map for your idea, so we can understand you faster and easier.

Any best Hosting Company?

Sure, there are many good hosting companies but we recommend at the beginning of your project to start hosting in Contabo or any other good data centers I Europe and America